DESIGNLUSH announces the Fall “Modern Masters” Collection.

New York City-based to-the-trade furniture retailer and interior design studio DESIGNLUSH is launching its Fall 2008 season with “Modern Masters,” a special collection celebrating some of today’s masters of furniture and lighting design from across the U.S. and around the globe. With over 16 artisans and studios represented, and almost 20 new pieces, Modern Masters by
DESIGNLUSH presents a fresh new perspective on the modern art, and traditional craft, of furniture
making. The collection represents pieces that are hand-made, limited edition, or premiering for the first time in the United States, all curated by DESIGNLUSH founder and Creative Director Stephen Mitchell. Chairs, sofas, desks, benches, tables, lighting, carpets and more come together under the Modern Masters umbrella to represent various contemporary points of view, all with one singular vision, where the eye of the artist and hand of the craftsman are evident in every curve and corner.
Focusing on pieces that truly embrace the concept of “craft,” the Modern Masters collection brings together some of today’s superstars of furniture making. And while the collection celebrates the DESIGNLUSH signature “modern organic” style, it may surprise those familiar with this New York showroom. “Some of these pieces are a slight departure for DESIGNLUSH, which has always been known for a strong modern feel. But I like that this collection continues to look at—and push— the definition of ‘what is modern.’ And every piece is totally in synch with how we’ve always embraced
‘modern organic,’ but in some great new ways,” says Mitchell. And while the collection may redefine “contemporary,” the pieces will no doubt have stylistic
staying power. Notes Mitchell, “We are saying these pieces are the ‘heirlooms of tomorrow’ because they are typically limited-edition pieces, some even one-of-a-kind, all very labor intensive,
lovingly made, and definitely the kind of thing you could have in a family for generations.” Continued Artisanal hand-poured glass, hand-carved wood, hand-thrown ceramics, wool, silk, and other natural materials come together with modern technology and contemporary vision… exotic woods paired with Plexiglas or powder-coated steel; leathers that are embossed, foiled and laser-cut. Says Mitchell, “What I love about these designers is that they have one foot totally rooted in traditional technique, but are also all about real experimentation.” The collection as a whole makes reference to styles, eras and cultures that have historically celebrated craft, classic materials, and the beauty of nature. The collection reveals references to American Arts and Crafts and French Art Nouveau, coming to life in Italian-inspired marquetry inlays, richly grained Australian timbers and Japanese floral motifs, to name a few. All these influences make Modern Masters a vibrant and globally-informed collection.
The artisans represented by Modern Masters blur the lines between design and art, furniture and sculpture. And because each of the pieces is so artistic, the presentation of this collection will also be unique, showcasing the pieces in a gallery-like setting. “We’re having fun with our presentation on this one, because each piece really is a work of art. Rugs are our paintings, chairs our sculpture. It will reinforce what’s so strong about each artist’s approach,” says Mitchell.
The presentation and promotion of this event also introduces the names and faces behind the work.
“Each one of these men and women is so passionate about what they do, and they are also really terrific individuals. By getting to know the artist, we think our clients— and their clients— will appreciate that table or chair they are lucky enough to acquire even more,” predicts Mitchell.
Modern Masters also heralds the U.S. showroom premiere of Australian furniture maker Tony Kenway. “We couldn’t be more pleased about bringing this exciting and talented designer to an American audience,” adds Mitchell Modern Master premieres October 2008 and will be available for viewing at the DESIGNLUSH
showroom in the New York Design Center through Fall/Winter 2008.

For more information about Modern Masters, the DESIGNLUSH collections or showroom,
please contact: Stephen Mitchell, DESIGNLUSH President: 212 532-5450,,
or Patrick J. Hamilton, Marketing Manager: 646 645-7071,

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